Laura Ingraham decides to blow the lid off what Democrats are preparing to do

Don’t expect the Democrats to work on jobs, education, or the economy as a way to win back voters and regain power, says Fox host Laura Ingraham. Instead, we’re likely to see even more chaos, disruption, and obstruction, like we saw during the recent Supreme Court nomination.

In her own words, Ingraham says the Democrats are “hitting the anarchy accelerator. These people truly believe they can protest their way back into power.”

“The Democrats have decided to run on just a platform of demonization,” she concluded.

Our Way or Else

Remember when Democrats promised to give Trump a chance and work to unify the country?

Hillary Clinton, during a speech immediately following the elections, talked about people being more civil and finding a better way to disagree regarding political policy.

That lasted all of about one day, as she immediately started firing shots at Trump after he took office.

Things have gotten significantly worse since.

Clinton flat out says Democrats and liberals can no longer be civil with conservatives until they regain power.

“You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about,” Clinton stated.

Think about the implications of her statement.

When, and only when, they are able to regain control will they be nice — or so they say.

So, if Democrats were in power and Republicans were behaving the same way Democrats are now, would Hillary feel the same way?

After all, the parties are so far apart these days, each represents what the other despises and is the exact opposite of what the other stands for.

Democrats want a socialist society, Republicans respect capitalism.

Democrats want open borders, Republicans want to end sanctuary cities.

The two sides could not be further apart on the issues.

The Battleground

Hillary is not the only one thinking this way, as several high-profile Democrats have drawn a line in the sand.

Their campaigns are not based on what they promise to do for the American people, but rather about undoing anything Trump has done to make this country better for Americans.

They have not hid the fact they will repeal the tax cuts… the same tax cuts that are putting more money in every hard-working American’s pocket.

If they were to gain power, Democrats have no intention of trying to create unity.

Instead, they want to go right after the newly confirmed Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

That is literally at the top of their agenda.

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The entire Democrat party is now acting like a petulant child, upset his candy was taken away from him and carrying on to no end until he gets it back.

It’s disgusting.

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