Laura Ingraham: Joe Biden is Hillary Clinton version 2.0

We have seen a major evolution in Joe Biden’s platform since he decided to run for president.

The man who was once considered to be a moderate Democrat has fallen far to the left, setting himself up to make the same mistake that Hillary Clinton made in 2016, according to Fox’s Laura Ingraham.

History Repeating Itself

If you look at the position of both Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton through roughly 2014, they were very similar to the positions of Donald Trump in terms of immigration, and a host of other key issues.

It was only after Trump came out strongly against unchecked illegal immigration, did Hillary make the big switch, and when Trump wanted to be tougher on crime and openly supported law enforcement, Hillary again changed over to a much softer position.

Laura Ingraham sees Joe Biden making the same type of radical change in his positions. “Biden, like Hillary, is willing to jettison his long-held political positions to try to win over the radical elements of his party,” she said.

Appeasing The Left

Biden apparently believes he has to pacify the far left in order to win the nomination, and while that may get him into the general election, his radical positions in three major areas will fail to win over many moderate Republicans potentially willing to defect from Trump.

First, there is his newly-ardent pro-choice stance.

Biden has always stood tall for the Hyde Amendment preventing the use of federal funds to pay for abortions, but now he wants it abolished, leaving pro-life Democrats without a single candidate to represent them.

The second key area is Biden’s stance on criminal justice.

The fact that he wrote the Crime Bill during the Clinton administration was a big plus in the eyes of moderate Republicans, but now Biden is apologizing for his involvement.

Finally, there is immigration, and Biden’s apparent willingness to decriminalize illegal immigration and even permit a one-time immediate push of two million new entrants if he were to be elected, effectively killing his hopes of luring in moderate Republicans.

Just as Ingraham stated: “Biden’s campaign is looking like a bad sequel – Hillary 2.0.”

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