Fox News’ Laura Ingraham warns of Biden globalist takeover, will ‘sacrifice liberty and prosperity’

With the results of the 2020 presidential election leaning toward former Vice President Joe Biden being handed the keys to the White House come January, there’s a growing concern that Biden’s future plans could devastate American freedom and prosperity.

Fox News host Laura Ingraham has made that case several times, explaining that Biden’s plan to join a global “reset” will making stripping American freedom the new norm and continue to lessen American economic opportunities if Biden and other leaders use pandemics and other events as tools to accomplish their globalist agendas. 

Ingraham drove the idea home during her show The Ingraham Angle on Monday by explaining that one of the first steps toward a global reset is for Biden to institute a four to six week national lockdown, should he become president, Fox News reported.

What’s going to happen?

Ingraham was adamant in warning her viewers that the COVID-19 pandemic, while disastrous and deadly on a global scale, was the perfect opportunity for Democrats like Biden and his running mate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) to start shaping America — and the globe — into a more “equitable” existence.

“In other words, Americans under this new world will — they have to sacrifice liberty and prosperity, so that things are more fair and equitable in the rest of the world,” Ingraham said, while pointing out that elites will always find a way to remain in power and stay wealthy.

The Fox News host talked at length about Klaus Schwab, the executive chairman of the World Economic Forum who wrote earlier this year that the world must come together to revamp all major industries, social contracts and education — in other words, a global reset of capitalism is the only answer.

Ingraham reiterated that while Americans will greatly suffer if Democrats are allowed to move forward and use the pandemic for their benefit, those in power have nothing to worry about.

“But for the millions of others, businesses will close, jobs will be lost, schools remain closed, depression and suicide numbers will go up, plus other illnesses will be left untreated and undetected. But all for the greater good,” Ingraham said.

Sharp division

Ingraham also warned Biden that if he should choose to ignore the concerns of tens of millions of Trump supporters, this country could turn into something we’ve never seen before.

After praising the Trump supporters who showed up in Washington, D.C. over the weekend to rally behind the president, even at great personal risk of injury from counter-protesters, she warned Biden and Democrats that “lying about them, insulting them, ignoring them will only incite more violence and more resentment and opposition.”

She pegged the potential incoming president-elect for not doing enough to condemn the violent thugs within the ranks of groups like antifa and Black Lives Matter who routinely incite violence and launch unprovoked attacks on Trump’s supporters.

“He has done none of these things,” Ingraham said in reference to her call for him to condemn the violent leftist groups. “He still hopes this movement is just going to go away, but that’s not going to happen.”

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