Infant in serious condition after being shot on Chicago’s North Side

High rates of violence are par for the course in Chicago these days, but a Monday night incident sent shockwaves through the nation.

NBC Chicago reported Monday that a year-old baby boy was rushed to the hospital in serious condition after being shot on Chicago’s North Side. 

The shooting

According to local police reports, the shooting occurred right before 8:15 p.m. on Monday night.

Chicago Police stated the shooting took place at the intersection of Leland and Clarendon Streets in Uptown.

An unnamed man was carrying the small child in his arms when multiple individuals opened fire.

The child was struck in the attack and taken to Lurie’s Children’s Hospital after initially being sent to Weiss Memorial Hospital.

Police are still reviewing videos from the area as well as asking any potential witnesses to come forward who may have seen the shooting.

More Democrats, more violence

If there has been one consistent political trend over the last two decades, it is that every city that comes under Democrat control turns violent.

You can look at the city of Dallas as a perfect example. The city has always gone back and forth between Republican and Democrat leadership. This most recent Democrat government, however, has made sweeping changes.

The new Democrat district attorney is now looking the other way on petty thefts, and the city is seeing a massive uptick in violent crimes and murders.

Similarly, Chicago is another major American city under Democrat rule that is disproportionately plagued by violent crime. Fox News reported in early 2019 that Chicago’s murder rate is “higher than the number of homicides in Los Angeles and New York combined.”

So, we have to ask, why do people keep electing Democrats to office?

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