Indictment likely for couple who allegedly stole from homeless man

What should have been the ultimate feel-good story of the year has turned into a legal nightmare.

New Jersey couple Kate McClure and Mark D’Amico are likely to face an indictment for allegedly stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars raised through a GoFundMe that was meant to benefit a homeless veteran.

Best Intentions

On the surface, everything seemed as though it was on the up and up.

Johnny Bobbitt is a homeless veteran that saw a woman in need.

Even though he was living on the streets, he saw Kate McClure stranded when her car ran out of gas and literally gave her his last dollar.

Bobbitt had $20 in his pocket and handed it over to McClure so she could get gas and get home.

When she got home, she and her boyfriend, Mark D’Amico, decided to repay the gesture by telling Bobbitt’s story and setting up a GoFundMe page to help make Bobbitt’s life a little better.

While only asking for $10,000, they ultimately raised an incredible $400,000 from generous donors.

Bobbitt thought his life was about to change, but the only thing that apparently changed was the lifestyle of McClure and D’Amico.

Managing, Not Stealing

McClure and D’Amico insist they have disbursed almost half the funds to Bobbitt, but Bobbitt says he has hardly seen any of the money.

The couple also stated they are “managing” the money for Bobbitt because they believe giving him the entire fund at once would be like giving him a loaded gun.

They also claimed Bobbitt tore through $25,000 in 13 days for drugs.

The couple claims they know this because they were able to track his movements through the use of their Lyft account, which was regularly showing trips to drug areas in Philadelphia.

In the meantime, the couple has been posting pictures on social media that have people asking a lot of questions.

All of sudden this everyday couple seems to be living a “jet-set” lifestyle.

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While the couple has been proclaiming their innocence, their attorney has bailed on them.

After the discovery process was completed, Ernest Badway released a statement saying he would no longer be representing the couple in the case.

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