Indiana man who threatened President Trump pleads guilty

All of these anti-Trump lunatics threatening to assassinate our president are finally starting to be brought to justice.

On Tuesday, 20-year-old Indiana resident Steffon Gonzalez pleaded guilty to making threats against the president, Fox 32 Chicago reports.

He is reportedly hoping his guilty plea will earn him a more lenient sentence.

A life in jeopardy?

According to the Associated Press, Gonzalez had posted on Facebook that he was “standing outside the president’s location with a bullet ‘chambered’ to ‘blow his head off.’”

He made the threat when Trump was in Grand Rapids, MI for a rally.

Gonzalez now claims he was not actually at the rally, which is about 145 miles away from his home. Instead, he said he was on his sofa watching TV when he made the threat.

That is irrelevant now, though, because bogus or not, you simply cannot make those types of threats against a president.

A life ruined

According to reports, Gonzalez will be sentenced in October.

But while it’s unclear exactly how much time Gonzalez could spend in prison, it doesn’t look good for the young man.

Indeed, for or all intents and purposes, Gonzalez’s life is ruined.

He is just 20 years old, and will now have a record following him around for the rest of his life — all because he bought into Democrats’ rhetoric that Trump isn’t working for people like him.

In fact, young people like Gonzalez are exactly who Trump is working hard to make America great for. It’s too bad he couldn’t see that.

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