Indiana GOP councilman resigns

One of the more influential Republican local politicians in the state of Indiana has decided to call it quits.

Scott Kreider, who won almost 80 percent of the vote during the election, resigned his seat on the Indianapolis City-County Council this Wednesday.

Big Void

There are more than a few people in Indiana that saw Kreider as someone that could go much further in the political world than a local position.

His dedication to the position was widely recognized.

His performance had also led to becoming part of several desirable committees within the council.

Now that he is leaving, those positions will also have to be filled.

Full-Time Job

Kreider sounds like a person that insisted on doing something right if he was going to do it at all.

With a recent uptick in work from his full-time job, he said it became apparent he was not going to be able to dedicate the time to the Council that he thought was necessary to do the job.

On his recent resignation, Kreider stated, “I had a sense that (resigning) was a possibility and then it just became apparent this was not going to work.”

The soon-to-be-former councilman was referring to his new job.

Kreider recently joined a local law firm, Alerding Castor LLP, with a considerable workload he anticipated would take up far more of his time.

Since his resignation is taking place at the end of this week, there are now several projects he was involved with that will have to be completed by someone else.

Kreider addressed this issue, stating he had full faith that those still holding office and those arriving would be able to conclude what he had started.

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In the meantime, someone will be appointed to fill his seat.

That individual will serve out the remainder of Kreider’s term, then have to run for re-election next year when the four-year term is fulfilled.

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