Indiana Democrat arrested for impersonating police officer to buy drugs

A local lawmaker in Indiana has embarrassed both himself and his party.

Dan Forestal, who is a Democrat state representative, not only impersonated a police officer — he also tried to buy cocaine while doing so. 

How Did He Get Elected?

The crimes of Forestal make you really wonder what Democrat voters are thinking when they pull the handle.

Forestal is currently serving as a state representative. However, he is also a member of the Indianapolis Fire Department.

It is fairly safe to assume this type of behavior did not just start on this particular night, so how could he have possibly been elected to office?

Not only that, how did he not fail drug tests or periodic reviews within the fire department?

The Ruse

Forestal’s ruse started to fall apart when a man in the neighborhood where Forestal was trying to score drugs became suspicious.

He flashed his fire department badge and pretended to be a police officer on a drug sting, promising to rid the neighborhood of drug dens if the resident could point him in the right direction.

Not believing Forestal to be authentic, the man snapped a photo of Forestal’s license plate and called the police. Not long afterward, the same witness pulled into the parking lot of a local taproom, where Forestal stopped next to try to score drugs.

The now-disgraced official even asked an employee of the establishment where he could score some cocaine. Meanwhile, the original witness called the police again to alert them the same man was now at this establishment.

When police caught up with Forestal, he refused to get out of his car, holding onto the steering wheel for dear life. Police did eventually remove him from his car and take him into custody.

Forestal is being charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated, impersonating a public servant, and resisting law enforcement. His initial hearing is set for later this month.

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