'Incredible thing': Boy's heart restarts beating on its own after 14 HOURS!

 April 24, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A 4-year-old boy in Denver, abruptly taken ill and hospitalized, lost his heartbeat for 14 hours before, on its own, it started beating again, leaving doctors without an explanation.

But his father, Dominique McDaniel, had the answer: "God got the last say."

report from Denver's KDVR broadcast outlet confirmed the saga is not yet over, as the child, Carter McDaniel, will remain hospitalized for some time yet.

But Dr. Aline Maddux, an associate professor of pediatrics at Children's Hospital Colorado, confirmed, "His heart just restarted. That was really an incredible thing that occurred."

Maddux earlier had said, "His heart stopped beating. We tried to revive it, and there was fear that he might not survive this."

KDVR reported, "A miracle of modern medicine or a miracle from a higher power? No matter what you believe, the recovery story of Cartier McDaniel is nothing short of amazing."

The child woke up with a fever and that soon progressed to chills, frequent urination, extreme thirst and lethargy, the report said.

His breathing because unstable and his mother, Destiny Anderson, rushed him to the ER.

She said, "I had to carry him in because he just wasn't moving. His mouth was turning blue and his eyes were sinking in."

"They’re saying your son’s not breathing, one, two, three — that’s all I remember hearing," McDaniel said.

Nurses grabbed him, but he soon was in cardiac arrest.

The diagnosis was strep A, which led to sepsis, which started causing his organs to fail.

He was put on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, a type of life support machine.

He was there, without a heartbeat, into the next day.

Family members gathered and Anderson leaned on that support, and the faith over her partner, who said, "It’s time to go talk to God. It’s time to talk to the man upstairs."

KDRV reported how McDaniel never doubted his son's survival, based on his "unrelenting trust in the Lord."

They prayed.

And an hour later, it happened, something doctors never before had seen, the report said.

"Everybody else was jumping up and screaming and everything," Anderson told reporters. "I just still couldn’t process what was going on … like you gave me the worst news of my life to the best news of my life."

Anderson explained, "God got the last say. I know that God is real. I’m a firm believer in Jesus Christ."

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