Incoming Virginia governor signals opposition to Biden vaccine mandates

President Joe Biden has faced widespread opposition from GOP-dominated states in his pursuit of imposing COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Now, one of the states that helped Biden win the 2024 presidential race is turning against him.

“The best decisions for their families or businesses”

According to the Daily Caller, incoming Republican Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin has vowed to join other GOP leaders across the state to fight against the federal requirements.

In a joint statement with incoming Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares, Youngkin explained his position.

“While we believe that the vaccine is a critical tool in the fight against COVID-19, we strongly believe that the Federal government cannot impose its will and restrict the freedoms of Americans and that Virginia is at its best when her people are allowed to make the best decisions for their families or businesses,” the Republican officials wrote.

Of course, such a statement was not unexpected given Youngkin’s stance during the recent gubernatorial campaign.

Both Youngkin and Myares will be inaugurated later this month and declared that, upon entering their respective offices, they will “quickly move to protect Virginians’ freedoms.”

“Threatens the tenure of essential medical personnel”

Presumably, the governor and attorney general plan to join ongoing legal challenges brought by a number of other states against the Biden administration.

The U.S. Supreme Court recently heard arguments in two of those cases.  As in other cases involving hot-button issues, the bench seems to be divided along ideological lines.

One challenge dealt with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s mandate for Americans working for private companies with more than 100 employees.

As for the other mandate under scrutiny, the Biden administration hopes to force health care workers at many federally funded facilities to receive the vaccine. Youngkin denounced this requirement as one that “threatens the tenure of essential medical personnel when staffing shortages threaten the health & safety of Virginians.”

It remains unclear how a majority of the justices will rule on either of these controversial mandates. It is worth noting, though, that Virginia’s incoming governor appears willing to take the fight to the White House as well as his state’s own Democratic-controlled Senate.

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