Amid impeachment threat, first lady stays focused on business as usual

While her husband is being surrounded by the impeachment mob, First Lady Melania Trump is simply going about her business.

This week, she ended any speculation that the impeachment push has had any effect on day-to-day life in the White House by traveling to the DEA headquarters to give a speech as part of her “Be Best” campaign as well as to discuss the dangers of opioid abuse and vaping.

Dealing with Impeachment

President Trump is under heavier assault than at any other point during this administration, and that is saying something.

Now that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has publically thrown her support behind the impeachment effort, Trump is under more pressure than ever.

Trump now has Democrats and virtually every media outlet looking for reasons to put an impeachment vote on the floor. Normally, you would think this would make everyone in the White House panic, but that has not been the case for Melania Trump.

Business As Usual

Instead of hiding from the public and press, Melania Trump continues to put up a strong front to support her husband. “Be Best” will be her lasting legacy, and she is making sure the program stays on track even during these difficult times.

Melania Trump stated, “We need to continue encouraging teenagers and young adults that have fallen into drug addiction to be brave enough to admit it, to talk about it, and to get help.

“This also includes addiction associated with ­e-cigarettes and vaping. It is important to me that we all work to educate children and families about the dangers associated with this habit.”

These are initiatives you would think Democrats could easily support, but they are more interested in continuing the witch hunt against the president.

Sure, they talk a good game in public and pretend to be interested, but what have Democrats really done to address these issues?

Our entire government is in a virtual standstill right now while Democrats try to unseat Trump. They have made it plain that their only agenda item is to take back the White House at all costs.

To determine which party has the nation’s best interests at heart and which party is in it for the power alone, simply look at the actions of our first lady and compare them to those of someone like Speaker Nancy Pelosi over the last few days, and the answer will be painfully obvious.

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