Impeachment support falls in the polls as Trump support rises

Democrats in the House were hoping the impeachment hearing would swing momentum against Trump, but they have failed.

Impeachment leader Adam Schiff (D-CA) has been notified that recent polls have shown national support for impeachment has shrunk significantly since the inquiry became public. 

Sorry, Schiff…

Schiff is more or less banking his political future on being the man that impeached President Trump.

For the most part, the support for and against the impeachment has fallen along party lines. That being the case, the people that needed to be convinced one way or another are the Independent voters.

Based on the most recent Emerson Poll, Schiff has failed to move the needle in the right direction for those voters.

The poll stated that 45 percent of all voters were now against impeachment, while only 43 percent were still for it. That is a significant change from the previous poll, where only 44 percent were opposed to impeaching Trump.

As mentioned above, Independents were the biggest swing, where it went from 34 percent opposing impeachment to 49 percent opposing since October.

Perhaps the biggest blow is that support for Donald Trump himself has risen from 43% in October to 48% in the most recent survey. Democrats were banking on exposing Trump to get him out of the White House, and all they’ve done is drum up more support for him.

Trump gaining ground

When the 2020 race first started, Trump was polling significantly behind most Democrat frontrunners in hypothetical general election matchups.

Those numbers have also moved to benefit Trump. Trump is now polling ahead of Mayor Pete Buttigieg and former Vice President Joe Biden. Trump is tied with Sen. Elizabeth Warren and slightly trails Sen. Bernie Sanders. However, Trump trails Sanders by only one percentage point, which is well within the margin of error.

More important than these numbers, though, is the hit that Schiff and his fellow scam artists are going to take in support for their own re-election campaigns.

It would appear as though Americans are finally realizing this entire sham was nothing more than a power grab and when election day rolls around, they are going to pay the price.

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