Pelosi admits impeachment isn’t about ‘proof,’ it’s about the allegations

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and company are rejoicing that President Donald Trump has been “impeached forever,” but Pelosi’s gloating backfired on her during a press conference on Thursday.

Democrats have been backed into a corner over their lack of evidence against President Trump. Now Trump is having the last laugh after Pelosi made a fatal admission that proves Democrats don’t care about evidence, and never did. 

Democrats have nothing

Pelosi spoke to reporters on Thursday at the capitol, saying, “It’s not a question of proof, it says what allegations have been made. That has to be subjected to scrutiny as to how we go forward, but it should not be ignored in the context of other events that could substantiate some of that.”

This statement would make sense in terms of investigating the president, but we are beyond that point.

Democrats impeached the president without a shred of real evidence, and Pelosi’s admission proves what Republicans have been saying all along.

By now, Pelosi has all but admitted that impeachment is a political witch hunt designed to remove a political opponent. Democrats made it clear they wanted Trump impeached from the day he was elected, and they’ve gotten their wishes.

Lack of evidence isn’t going to stop them — allegations were all they needed to force the impeachment of the President of the United States.

Democrats want to search for evidence

Despite the fact that Democrats had four months to search for evidence to prove the charges against Trump, they waited until the Senate trial.

Pelosi is now demanding that the Senate hear new developments, even though that ship sailed when the House was conducting its impeachment inquiry.

This impeachment saga has completely thrown aside all precedent. Republicans are trying to hold onto some semblance of a constitutional process, but Democrats are making it very difficult.

In the meantime, most Americans have long soured on impeachment, so all Pelosi is accomplishing with this impeachment crusade is the alienation of American voters.

What we do know is that this impeachment is entirely politically motivated. We also know that thanks to the Republican majority in the Senate, Trump will be acquitted. The only question left to settle is how Republicans will go after Democrats for their abuse of power.

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