Schiff’s public impeachment hearings failed miserably: Poll

Democrats and their liberal media allies expected that the impending impeachment of President Donald Trump would have overwhelming bipartisan support among a clear majority of Americans going into the Thanksgiving holiday — but that doesn’t appear to have been the case.

In fact, according to a recent poll by The Hill/HarrisX conducted in the midst of the public impeachment hearings overseen by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA), there are actually fewer Americans of all political persuasions who are interested in the proceedings now than before the crucial public hearings began. Schiff was entrusted with getting Americans on board with the coup — and it’s looking like he failed miserably. 

Close attention to impeachment inquiry drops after public hearings began

In the two previous surveys done by the pollsters regarding how closely those polled were following the impeachment inquiry, the overall number of voters who said they were closely following things registered at 70% nationwide among Democrats, Republicans, and independents.

In the most recent survey, however, that overall number dropped five points to just 65% who were closely following the inquiry.

Again, this poll was conducted after voters had caught a glimpse of how Schiff was managing the show, which should give an indication of the general reception.

Even Democrats aren’t paying close attention

As bad as that news might have been for Schiff, it wasn’t nearly as devastating as the revelation that his own fellow Democrat voters were tuning out in droves.

Indeed, while roughly 78% had been closely following the impeachment inquiry, that number dropped by five to just 73% once Schiff’s charade went public.

There was a slightly larger drop-off among Republicans paying close attention to the proceedings, from 70% to 64%, and among independent voters, the decline in those paying attention was from 62% to only 59%.

Given that support from independent swing voters will be crucial for Democrats to make the impeachment push worthwhile, the fact that fewer than 60% are even paying attention to the effort to oust President Trump from office is bad news for circus ringleader Schiff.

No majority support among independents

Perhaps even more concerning for Schiff and the Democrats than the drop in those paying close attention to the impeachment inquiry are the percentage of those who actually support impeaching President Trump, which has been compiled and quantified and averaged from a variety of polls by FiveThirtyEight.

While support among Democrats has obviously remained strong — despite the recent drop-off in attention — at above 80%, and support among Republicans was predictably low at 11-12% — it was the fact that support among independents has remained in the mid-40% range that signals Schiff’s show has been an utter failure.

Without more than half of independents supporting the impeachment of Trump, and more than just a tenth of Republicans, Schiff and the Democrats may as well close down shop because the impeachment and removal of the president simply isn’t going to happen, and that is nothing short of a catastrophe for those who’ve obsessively banked on it occurring prior to the 2020 election.

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