Illegal immigrant accused of killing Vietnam veteran in drunken hit-and-run

There is no question that Democrats and their media allies support an “open borders” immigration policy and seek to downplay any reported crimes committed by illegal aliens, which undermine the narrative that illegal immigrants are nothing but a positive addition to this nation.

Thus, it is little surprise that minimal attention is paid — and the status of the perpetrator conveniently left unmentioned — when an illegal immigrant commits a crime against a citizen, as was again the case when a Mexican man allegedly killed a Vietnam veteran in a hit-and-run accident earlier this month, Breitbart reported.

Hit-and-run alleged

In Norristown, Pennsylvania on Nov. 10, Nemias Perez Severiano — a 31-year-old Mexican national illegally in the country — was allegedly driving drunk when he hit and killed 69-year-old Samuel Jackson, a Marine who served in the Vietnam War.

The CBS affiliate in Philadephia reported on Nov. 13 that Severiano was arrested in connection with Jackson’s death and charged for involvement in an accident involving death and for driving without a license.

According to court records, Severiano had been at a local bar for at least five hours prior to driving drunk and hitting Jackson with his vehicle around 6:30 p.m. on the day before Veterans Day. Jackson had reportedly just exited his own vehicle outside of his home when he was struck by Severiano and left to die in the street.

“While at the bar [Severiano] indicated he consumed seven to eight Modelo beers. He informed the detectives that when he left the bar, he was ‘a little drunk,’” the arrest record revealed.

Family seeks closure

While Jackson’s family was undoubtedly mourning his tragic death, Breitbart reported that his sister, Peggy Jackson, hoped that his funeral would be a celebration of the life that he had lived.

The ABC affiliate in Philadelphia reported the day after the accident that Jackson’s family had numerous questions and were particularly aggrieved that he had been killed just prior to Veterans Day, a day that obviously carried extra meaning for the Marine combat veteran.

“It was basically his day and what he fought for,” Jayden Giudici, Jackson’s grandson, told the media. Jackson’s sister Peggy agreed with that sentiment, saying: “The fact that it’s Veterans Day, and he loved the Marines, oh my God. To be killed like that.”

Though Severiano hadn’t been identified at that time, Giudici had questions for him just the same: “Why can’t you stop, see if he was OK, see if he was alive, see if he was breathing?” Peggy Jackson added that a simple immediate phone call to 911 may have resulted in the old Marine being saved.

ICE detainer issued

Breitbart reported that Severiano is currently being held in the Montgomery County jail on a $200,000 bond. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has reportedly issued a detainer requesting that he be turned over to the agency for deportation if and when he is ever released.

This is a terribly tragic story and just the latest bit of evidence demonstrating the destructive results of the lax immigration enforcement policies championed by Democrats and supported by the media, which allow for illegal aliens to reside in this country and, sometimes, cause fatal harm to American citizens.

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