Undocumented immigrant from Kenya faces multiple charges in deaths of 12 Texas women

A number of prominent Democrats, including top 2020 contenders like California Sen. Kamala Harris and former Texas Rep. Robert “Beto” O’Rourke, have claimed that most illegal aliens pose no real threat to Americans, and thus, should be welcomed with open arms — and open wallets.

But their arguments fall flat when faced with situations like this one: An undocumented migrant from Kenya was indicted over the weekend for the murders of 11 elderly women in Texas.

The migrant, a 46-year-old former health care worker named Billy Chemirmir, was previously indicted for the death of an 81-year-old woman in March 2018, making for a total of 12 homicides all attributed to one man.

Counting charges

Chemirmir is a Kenyan citizen who had been living and working in the United States illegally for some time.

He has been indicted on numerous counts of capital murder and attempted murder, among other charges, in Dallas County and Collin County, Texas.

These charges stem from the robberies and subsequent homicides of at least a dozen women who ranged in age from 76 to 94.

Chemirmir was initially arrested in March 2018 for the death of 81-year-old Lu Thi Harris, and he has been held in police custody ever since.

Subsequent investigations into his actions led to charges for 11 additional murders he is believed to have committed.

Heartbreaking tragedies

Harris’ body was discovered after Chemirmir failed to successfully kill a 91-year-old woman in Plano, Texas, in March 2018.

He had smothered the woman with a pillow and stolen her jewelry, but paramedics were able to revive her, and police soon learned of Chemirmir by tracking his license plate.

After being watched for several days, Chemirmir was spotted disposing of a jewelry box in a dumpster. That box was recovered and traced back to Harris, which resulted in Chemirmir’s arrest.

Police have stated that Chemirmir used his background as a health care worker to exploit his victims’ trust and gain entry into the elderly women’s apartments in senior living facilities. He was also known for posing as a maintenance worker.

Authorities revealed that they are now going through more than 750 prior cases of unattended senior women being found dead to determine if Chemirmir is connected to any of those tragedies.

Par for the course

Despite cases like this one, far too many Democrats continue to dismiss the very real threat posed by illegal aliens like Chemirmir, whose crimes are perhaps even more egregious given the fact that he shouldn’t have even been in the U.S. to begin with.

If a Democrat wins the White House in 2020, situations like these will only become more frequent. What a shame.

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