Report: 12 illegal immigrant workers fired from Trump golf club in Westchester

The Trump Organization fired illegal immigrants who were working at one of president Trump’s golf courses, and predictably, the mainstream media gave them a platform.

A dozen employees at Trump’s Westchester, NY golf club were terminated on Jan. 18 because they had fraudulent papers. The firings came amid the longest government shutdown in history over a dispute involving Trump’s border wall.

Soon after, MSNBC aired interviews between NBC correspondent Kate Snow and the fired workers that painted Trump as a hypocrite and a monster.

MSNBC interviews illegals fired by Trump

Snow talked to six immigrants who worked for Trump for periods ranging from two to 18 years in their first on-camera interviews since being terminated, but the interviews seem clearly angled to make Trump look like a callous hypocrite on immigration. Snow quotes the migrants as saying that Trump must have known that their papers were fake, but that he and those working for him looked the other way.

“That’s what I think, because they need employees and they don’t check really good,” a migrant named Gabriel, who said he had worked for Trump since 2005, said. “I cannot be sure about that but he[‘s got to] know.”

Gabriel said that he was the first called in to see human resources and that they terminated him when he told them that he was illegal.

“Then why are you here with us?” Snow asked.

“Because I want to let the people know that we are good people. We are not criminals. We are just hard workers,” the migrant, Gabriel, responded.

Snow also mentioned a housekeeper who admitted to using a false Social Security number to get the job. The woman said that Trump’s business photocopied her paperwork but never checked it.

Left pounces on report

The Washington Post reported on Saturday that the workers were fired after the Trump Organization audited their paperwork and found it to be fake. Trump also came under fire last year when it was reported that there were illegal immigrants working for him at a New Jersey golf course, prompting cries of hypocrisy from the left.

Trump fired the workers shortly afterward.

“We are making a broad effort to identify any employee who has given false and fraudulent documents to unlawfully gain employment,” said Trump’s son, Eric, who runs the golf courses with his brother, Donald Jr. “Where identified, any individual will be terminated immediately.”

The left has again pounced on reports of illegal migrants working for Trump to paint him as a hypocrite who doesn’t follow his own immigration policies. MSNBC speculated about reports that the migrants had access to one of Eric Trump’s homes and brought on journalists who claimed that President Trump did not use E-Verify to vet his own workers and that his family gave the migrants important personal errands.

The Washington Post also cited a former Trump manager who claimed that Trump just wanted cheap labor, legal or illegal, but another manager said that some 20 percent of applications were rejected for immigration issues. The fired workers told the Post that their fraudulent papers had been accepted by the Trump organization when they began working for Trump and they were never scrutinized after that.

A lawyer representing them accused Trump of hiring illegal migrants at numerous properties and called for a federal investigation. But President Trump has led a furious push to fix America’s broken immigration system, and for liberals to allege that he isn’t serious about illegal immigration — and that they are — is simply ludicrous.

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