Immigrant commits suicide in Texas jail

The cost of undocumented immigrants in this country has many price tags.

For one man, it was his life, as an undocumented Honduran immigrant was recently found dead in his Texas jail cell, apparently from suicide.

Family Separation

According to authorities, Marco Antonio Munoz entered the country illegally.

He was apprehended at a border station and sent to the Rio Grande Valley immigration processing center.

At the time, he was traveling with both his wife and his young child.

Munoz reportedly was extremely unhappy he was being separated from his family after the arrest.

During processing, Munoz “became disruptive and combative.”

He was then transferred to the Starr County Jail in Rio Grande City, TX.

On May 13, authorities found him unresponsive in his cell.

His death, at the time, was ruled as an apparent suicide.

The Liberal Twist

When the media got wind of the death, they immediately started to blame President Trump.

Criticisms of the administration’s policy to separate families of undocumented immigrants was immediately brought to light.

They are missing one key fact, though.

The policy has been made public for some time.

Undocumented immigrants are quite aware of the policy.

They are also aware of the fact entering the United States without the proper documentation is a crime.

Knowing all of that, they continue to try to sneak into the country.

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Then, when they are apprehended, the liberal media blames Trump for them breaking the law.

The thought process is completely idiotic to everyone… except liberals.

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