Illinois House Democrats pass bill requiring fingerprints from gun owners

There are many Democrat-run states that aren’t favorable to law-abiding gun owners, but the anti-gun state of Illinois stands out.

Democrats in the state are pushing to increase the fee to obtain a Firearms Owner Identification Card (FOID), and passed a bill in the state House that would require individuals to submit fingerprints with a FOID card application, both for new gun owners and for renewals, Breitbart reported. 

Trampling the Second Amendment

On Saturday, the state House passed HB 1091 in a 60–50 vote. The bill would result in a quadrupling of FOID card application fees from $10 for 10 years to $20 for five years. Illinois is the only state in the entire country that requires a state-issued permit to purchase and own firearms.

Under the new bill, private gun sales would also be subject to background checks for the first time — even between family members — creating what the Pantagraph called a “de facto universal background check system” in the state.

Fingerprints will also be required with FOID card applications, which will set gun owners back additional money to have it done, not to mention the hassle of going through the process, The State-Journal Register reported.

“If Democrats are going to make people who aren’t criminals to get fingerprinted, as if they were criminals, where does this end? Will law-abiding citizens have to get fingerprinted to exercise their other constitutional rights?” state Sen. Chapin Rose (R) told Breitbart.

The state is already experiencing an unprecedented backlog in processing FOID card applications. Prior to the backlog, applications were typically processed within 30 days.

“Public health issue”

As most Illinoisans would tell you, Chicago is an entirely different experience from the vast majority of the state, which tends to be rural communities and small cities. Gun violence in Chicago is absolutely out of control under Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D), but unfortunately for other Illinoisans, they suffer the consequences from Chicago-based statistics.

State Rep. Maura Hirschauer (D) said the bill’s purpose is to address a “public safety issue” in an attempt to “fix the system,” failing to mention that a vast majority of state’s gun violence takes place every weekend in Chicago where gun control laws are the strictest.

State Rep. Tony McCombie (R) countered Hirschauer’s argument, saying “This is not…about public safety. It’s just another gun grab in Illinois.”

The State Register-Journal reported that it’s likely Democrats will make some changes in the Senate version of the bill to get the required number of Republicans on board, but others have expressed concern that the changes won’t be enough.

While it remains unclear what the final language in the anti-gun bill will say, if it passes, it will only serve to further trample on the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Illinois gun owners and make no meaningful change to the state’s gun violence-related crime.

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