Illegal alien charged with brutal slaying in California was protected by sanctuary policies

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) opposes President Donald Trump’s focus on border security by falsely asserting that the border is secure enough and there is no crisis posed by illegal immigration. But last week’s arrest of a murder suspect in Pelosi’s home state of California demonstrates once again just how wrong she is.

Bay Area NBC affiliate KNTV reported that the arrested suspect in the brutal slaying of 59-year-old San Jose resident Bambi Larson in February is 24-year-old Salvadoran national Carlos Eduardo Arevalo Carranza, a transient and “self-admitant gang member,” police said.

Larson was found dead in her home on February 28 with multiple stab wounds, lacerations, and blunt force trauma. Police say that the suspect stalked her before the murder and that security camera footage appears to have captured the suspect entering her home early in the morning.

Sanctuary cities prevented deportation

Carranza has an extensive criminal record but had been protected from prior deportations by California “sanctuary city” policies that prohibit local law enforcement from cooperating with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

ICE officials stated that they had repeatedly attempted to have Carranza held for deportation in nine prior instances, KNTV reported. Their detainer requests were ignored by Los Angeles and Santa Clara counties and Carranza was repeatedly released back on to the streets to commit more crimes.

Extensive criminal record

And commit more crimes he did, as Carranza was reportedly arrested numerous times and convicted of 10 separate offenses in just the past three years. Indeed, in Santa Clara County alone, Carranza had been convicted of battery on a police officer, burglary, drug possession, kidnapping, and trespassing.

“How many more people have to be killed or injured before California lawmakers will open discussions to revise the state policy prohibiting local law enforcement agencies from working with ICE to apprehend dangerous criminal aliens?” said acting ICE field office director Eric Bonnar in a statement.

“It’s unfortunate that our communities face dangerous consequences because of inflexible state laws that protect criminal aliens. These sanctuary policies have unintended, but very real, and often tragic consequences to public safety,” Bonnar added.

Law enforcement wants policies changed

Local law enforcement officials indicated that they feel their hands are tied by the sanctuary policies. Both the San Jose Police chief and Santa Clara County Sheriff expressed frustration over the inability to effectively protect their communities from violent criminals because of the policies set by politicians above their level.

“This is a senseless act, and very well may have been preventable. My deepest sympathy goes out to the family and friends of Ms. Larson. Carlos Arevalo is a violent predator who should have remained in custody until officials with ICE had the appropriate time to evaluate his immigration status,” said Sheriff Laurie Smith in a statement.

“It has been my long standing position that all undocumented immigrants who are serious or violent felons, should be held for ICE evaluations. I will advocate to change the county policy to try to prevent this from happening again,” Smith added.

“Keep us safe”

Author Diane Collman, a close friend, pleaded for the president to take action. “There’s no reason this beautiful incredible human being should have been butchered that way that she was — in her own bed, in her own home,” Collman said during a Tuesday appearance on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle.”

“It’s absolutely black and white. My message is ‘Please President Trump, I beg of you keep us safe,” she said.

Nancy Pelosi and the left can claim that there is no border crisis and that illegal immigration poses no real danger to American citizens. But anyone who is paying attention knows her assertions are not only fraudulent, but deliberately misleading. Violent criminals are being allowed to roam the streets of California, thanks to Democratic policies that shackle law enforcement and protect criminals.

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