Illegal immigrant opens fire at Arizona border

Many aren’t convinced that the southern border is not a security risk, but a recent attack should change their minds.

Border patrol is putting themselves in the line of fire to protect us, and that includes exposing themselves to violence on a nearly daily basis. Cameras monitoring a section of Arizona border caught an illegal immigrant firing shots toward the border. 

Shots fired

Breitbart reports:

“Officials observed one of the illegal aliens produce a firearm and begin shooting at the secondary barrier. The subject fired several shots at the barrier located west of San Luis, officials reported.”

The observation was done through camera systems on the border. While there was no damage done from the firearm, the intent is easy to see.

The article went on to say:

It appears no one was injured during the gunfire.

That is the good news, no one was hurt, nothing damaged. But that isn’t what the concern should be in this situation. The fact that anyone can waltz up to the wall and fire shots that could actually hit someone is unacceptable.

The only reason people would do something like this is if they know they can. They know there won’t be consequences. Trump is working to change this precedent.  This is our border and it is our right to defend our borders from threats like this.

Violence at the border

This isn’t the only instance of violence that officials have reported. Our southern border is currently a very dangerous place.

USA Today reports: “Drug shootouts. Smugglers scrambling down the canyons. When congressmen wanted tours of the area, they’d have to see it from the window of a helicopter because Border Patrol couldn’t guarantee their safety.”

This area has become this dangerous because for so long it wasn’t given the resources it needed. The southern border is 1,500 miles long, a substantial area to cover that dangerous cartels exploit to smuggle people and drugs through.

Border patrol agents are the only line of defense where no significant barrier exists. In an ideal world, they are part of the barrier, but the fight to secure the border with a wall has been politicized and thus delayed. Border patrol agents have long said a border wall will drastically increase the ability to secure the border.

Politicians need to stop playing politics and protect our southern border. Drugs pour into this country along with illegal immigrants.

How can we protect our future generations if we can’t stem the flow of drugs and crime right now?

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