Illegal immigrant indicted for police officer’s 2016 murder

While liberals want us to believe that every undocumented immigrant comes to this country is only looking for a better life, the facts tell a different story.

Francisco Portillo-Fuentes, an undocumented immigrant, has been indicted for — among other things — aggravated manslaughter in the death of Nassau County Deputy Eric Oliver.

They Are Criminals

Liberals are trying to romance this notion of crossing the border for a better life.

But their rhetoric only serves to incite more people to try to come into the country illegally.

In order to justify their rhetoric, they have to portray all undocumented immigrants as people chasing the American dream.

The facts tell a much different story, though.

Far too many of these undocumented immigrants are coming to America for criminal purposes.

Various gangs, including MS-13, are exploiting our lax borders for their criminal activity, including drug trade and human trafficking.

Portillo-Fuentes was no different — and his presence in this country cost an American citizen his life.

Twice Deported

This was not Portillo-Fuentes’ first run-in with law enforcement.

Twice before, he had been deported, only to return illegally again.

In this particular incident, Portillo-Fuentes fled after authorities approached him.

His escape attempt resulted in the death of Oliver.

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The liberal media and Democrats will simply ignore this incident and others like it, though.

They call these outliers, yet we see them reported on alternative conservative websites virtually every day.

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