Illegal immigrant who allegedly murdered five Americans found dead

An illegal immigrant who fell through the cracks of the Barack Obama administration received justice — possibly at his own hands.

Pablo Serrano-Vitorino, who has been accused of killing five Americans in 2016, was recently found dead in his jail cell by authorities in Missouri.

Deportation Debacle

The story of Serrano-Vitorino is one that we have heard dozens of times over the last couple of years.

He had been deported, but snuck back into the country only to commit horrific crimes.

Indeed, Serrano-Vitorino allegedly went on a murder spree in March 2016 that left five men dead.

The so-called “Angel families” of those murdered have already filed a lawsuit against the government.

They claim that Serrano-Vitorino was mistakenly released by authorities back on to American streets.

But it seems that lawsuit may never see the light of the day, as the accused murderer was found dead in his jail cell before he could be convicted.

Swift Justice

Authorities have not confirmed the cause of Serrano-Vitorino’s death, but his past provides some clues.

Serrano-Vitorino previously attempted suicide while in jail, but was saved by authorities who rushed in and took him to the hospital.

All of this comes ahead of his trial, which was set for October.

If found guilty, Serrano-Vitorino faced the death penalty.

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