Illegal immigrant charged with 4 murders, 5 robberies

We don’t need a border wall, right, Nancy Pelosi?

Tell that to the people who lost their lives in Nevada earlier this month.

19-year-old Wilber Ernesto Martinez-Guzman, a Salvadorean national, was charged with murder in the deaths of four people on Monday. Additionally, he has been charged with five counts of burglary.

Pelosi Hiding the Truth

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is being applauded by liberals for resisting President Donald Trump.

She and her fellow Democrats insist a border wall is not needed.

They say it is not a deterrent, yet the facts tell a different story.

In areas where there is a barrier that cannot be climbed over or under, activity has come to a virtual standstill.

But go to an area with no fencing or significant barricade and illegal border crossings occur on a daily basis.

Pelosi and company will say that most of the immigrants coming here illegally are just looking for a better life and aren’t a danger to Americans.

But that doesn’t change the fact that, without a proper immigration process, there is no way to stop criminals from coming in with the rest.

Multiple murders

56-year-old Connie Koontz and 74-year-old Sophia Renken were each found dead in their homes in Gardnerville just days apart in early January.

Gerald and Sharon David, 81 and 80, respectively, were found shot to death in their south Reno home just a few days later on January 16.

Martin-Guzman, who police say is the only suspect, appears to have been living in the Carson City area for at least a year.

His only prior known contact with law enforcement was a speeding ticket last year.

The suspect began working as a landscaper after crossing the border, more than likely being paid under the table or with forged papers.

It was in the course of his work that he came in contact with the Davids, from whom he stole rifles and a handgun used in the murders.

Preventable deaths

Pelosi will more than likely say this is just a case of murder, pure and simple.

In her eyes, these four people were destined to die a brutal and horrific death.

We all know that isn’t true, though.

If this man had not been able to get into the country, four Americans would still be alive today.

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There was no obstacle in Martin-Guzman’s way, and now these people are dead.

And, that blood, Nancy, is on your hands.

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