Illegal immigrant arrested on charges of battery and rape in Florida

An undocumented man who allegedly admitted to murdering two people in Mexico has been arrested on charges of beating and raping a woman in Florida, according to Breitbart.

The man was identified as 39-year-old Omar Navis Torres. A law enforcement official told Breitbart that Torres is an illegal alien and used several aliases and fake IDs to gain illegal employment in this country after crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.

He was arrested on Oct. 30 by deputies of the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office and charged with felony sexual battery and misdemeanor simple battery after law enforcement was called following an incident of domestic violence.

Victim provides graphic account

According to a police report of the incident obtained by Breitbart, the unnamed victim provided a rather graphic account of the violence that had been perpetrated against her.

Interestingly, the deputies who wrote the report noted that they had dealt with domestic disputes involving this couple in the past. In this particular incident, Torres was alleged to have demanded sex from the woman, who told him no and proceeded to take a shower in the shared residence.

Upon exiting the shower, she said Torres grabbed her and threw her on the bed after she declined his demand for sex once more. He then began to physically strike her in the face and pull her hair before pressing her face into the bed and raping her, she told police.

The woman stated that she stopped resisting him once she realized that he wouldn’t stop beating her until he had his way.

The victim also described to the deputies how her assailant had a history of substance abuse and would become “aggressive” while under the influence.

History of violence

The victim also detailed prior instances of battery against herself that she had not reported due to his repeated threats that he would kill her, as well as her family and then himself, if she was to call the police.

As part of those threats, she said Torres told her that he had already killed two individuals in Mexico — one of whom was a woman — and that he wouldn’t hesitate to do the same to her.

According to the police report, Torres was arrested, jailed, and faces a hearing on Nov. 22.

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