Report: Ilhan Omar under investigation by multiple federal agencies

As Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) calls for the resignation of President Donald Trump, she has some serious problems of her own to worry about.

According to a new report, Omar is now under investigation by as many as three federal agencies for alleged criminal activity. 

Big problems for Omar

Ilhan Omar has made headlines ever since being elected in 2018 for her marital woes, her distaste for Donald Trump, and her controversial support for the anti-Israel BDS movement — among other things.

Now, she’s been embroiled in another controversy. Toward the end of last year, the DOJ assigned an FBI special agent in charge to review possible crimes committed by Omar between 2009 and 2017, according to journalist David Steinberg for The Blaze.

That appointment has now apparently led to several federal agencies opening up investigations into the controversial lawmaker.

The investigations

At the top of the list for Omar are her marital issues.

ICE is reportedly involved, and would be investigating possible immigration felonies, which, according to Steinberg’s extensive reporting, involve “eight instances of perjury, immigration fraud, marriage fraud, up to eight years of state and federal tax fraud, two years of federal student loan fraud, and even bigamy.”

Omar was allegedly living with one man while claiming to be married to someone else. The timing of that marriage coincided with Omar’s education in North Dakota. Conveniently, when her college days were over, so was that sham marriage (which was only recently escalated to divorce).

The problem here is that Omar appears to have provided fraudulent information and/or activities to ensure federally funded loans and grants for her education.

The Department of Education inspector general is also reportedly involved, and would be looking into “evidence suggesting that Rep. Omar’s 2009 marriage to a UK citizen may have been an attempt to facilitate federal student loan fraud, or other fraud involving higher education,” according to Steinberg.

There also still remains the question of just how Omar came to be in this country. One of the investigations is believed to be taking a harder look as to whether or not Omar married her brother to “skirt immigration laws.”

Ironically, with all of these legal issues surrounding her, Omar is the one loudly demanding that Trump be removed from office.

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