Rep. Ilhan Omar must go: Sign our petition demanding her resignation

Over the last few weeks, it has been made painfully clear there is a representative in office who is a traitor to our constitution, our allies, our ideology, and our country.

That individual is none other than Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar  — and she must go. That’s why Patriot News Alerts is announcing that we’ve started a petition demanding her resignation.

Accusations of Anti-Semitism

There is very little doubt that Rep. Omar finds the country and people of Israel outright repulsive.

With both her actions and words, Omar has made it quite clear where she stands when it comes to Israel over the last several years.

She has several tweets on her timeline that are undoubtedly disparaging toward the people and country of Israel, including one wherein she used an offensive stereotype about Jews to criticize her Capitol Hill colleagues’ support of the Middle Eastern nation.

Take a look:

Meanwhile, as it stands, Omar remains on the House Foreign Affairs Committee!

Drowning in Controversy

But that’s not the only problem with this young representative.

In 2017, Omar toured with Witness for Peace, a group whose mission statement makes it clear that it stands against U.S. policies and its military. Several board members of the group are also supporters of communist and socialist regimes.

Additionally, Omar has asked for lenient sentences for individuals who tried to join ISIS.

This is treasonous behavior that must be punished as such. There simply cannot be any mercy.

Time to Go

Rep. Ilhan Omar is a member of a new breed of Democrats that the party has introduced in an effort to prove how diverse it is. But they seem to have chosen the wrong people to be the face of the new generation.

(One of Omar’s fellow freshman Democrats, New York’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has also fallen flat on her face with the release of a botched “Green New Deal” earlier this month.)

Omar and her colleagues have a definitive, socialist agenda that will not benefit the citizens of this country.

But worse, Omar seems to be working against the United States and its allies with her rebuke of Israel and her sympathy for ISIS supporters.

If you also believe Rep. Ilhan Omar should be removed from office, please sign our petition here.

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