Ilhan Omar traveled to Honduras with radical anti-American group

The problems for the newcomers in the Democrat party just keep coming.

As if she did not have enough problems, Rep. Ilhan Omar has now been linked to a radical anti-U.S. organization called Witness for Peace.

No Denying It

Omar has no one to blame but herself for this little tidbit.

As it turns out, back in November 2017, Omar tweeted that she had traveled to Honduras with the organization.

The Washington Free Beacon published a lengthy report about the troubling ideas supported by Witness for Peace and its members.

Witness for Peace was formed during Ronald Reagan’s presidency to protest our country’s role in fighting communism in South America.

Not long after Omar came back from her trip with the group, she started to call for the suspension of funding to Honduras.

This falls right in line with the mission statement of Witness for Peace, as the group openly stated it fights against certain U.S. policies, including the military.

Among its current demands is that the United States return Guantanamo Bay back to the people of Cuba.

Radical Companions

Even more troublesome than the organization’s mission statement are some of the key leaders of the group, who hold “positions against America, Israel, democracy, and capitalism,” reported the Beacon.

For instance, Jeanette Charlies, a board member of Witness for Peace, has openly supported the Maduro regime as well as claiming that the United States is participating in an organized coup against the country and its president.

This is all extremely troubling because Rep. Omar is serving on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. The voters of Minnesota’s 5th Congressional district really put this country in a bind by voting a radical socialist into a congressional seat.

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