Ilhan Omar has troubling history of excusing terrorism

Ilhan Omar has been caught on video excusing, downplaying, and minimizing terrorists multiple times since stepping into the spotlight. She has been given multiple opportunities to condemn them but refuses to do so.

Trump pointed this out in defending his statements about Omar and “the squad.”  You really must hate America to downplay acts of terror.

9/11 comments

Omar in a speech in March referred to 9/11 as an event in which “some people did something.”

Breitbart reports that Omar was caught complaining in a speech that “[The Council on American-Islamic Relations] was founded after 9/11, because they recognize that some people did something, and then all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties.”

Actually, almost 3,000 Americans died that day. It’s not something that can or should be reduced to “some people” doing “something.” It was a devastating tragedy that changed the course of history.

This congresswoman’s decision to downplay the event is despicable.

Won’t condemn terrorists

Donald Trump called out Ilhan Omar and her cohort of progressive representatives last week, saying he’s “not happy” with her for her unwillingness to condemn the heinous act of terror.

Ilhan Omar, instead of saying that she was being taken out of context, just refused to say anything.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Rep. Ilhan Omar said she would not dignify with a response President Trump’s assertion that she is pro-al Qaeda.

Omar has every chance to be crystal clear about what she believes. Instead, she won’t even respond. This wasn’t a one-time thing, she also refused to respond to a question on condemning Antifa.

The Washington Examiner also reports:

Rep. Ilhan Omar responded with silence to a reporter asking her if she condemned the Saturday attack on an Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility in Tacoma, Washington, by an anti-fascist.

She won’t condemn Islamic terrorists, she won’t condemn Antifa. Ilhan Omar is not pro-America.

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