Ilhan Omar challenger eclipses her in second-quarter fundraising: Report

One of President Donald Trump’s biggest enemies on Capitol Hill is being crushed by her primary opponent.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-NY) was out-fundraised by primary challenger Antone Melton-Meaux about seven to one in the second quarter of 2020, with Melton-Meaux raising more than $3.2 million compared to Omar’s $471,624 in the same time period, the Minnesota Star-Tribune reported.

The fundraising dip begs the question: Are Omar’s constituents getting tired of the constant scandals surrounding the congresswoman’s personal life and the allegations that she has funneled more than a million dollars to her husband’s consulting firm since she took office just two years ago?

While Omar has the power of incumbency behind her, it wouldn’t be the first time voters have decided an incumbent must go when the perception of corruption grows strong enough.

Secret scandals

Of course, in Omar’s case, voters outside her district and even the surrounding areas may not even realize that the freshman congresswoman has been dogged with multiple scandals since taking office.

The national media has declined to cover many stories about Omar’s personal life and finances, but the local media in Minnesota has run many stories about Omar’s past marriages and where her campaign dollars are finding their way to.

For one, Omar has faced questions about a previous marriage to Ahmed Nur Said Elmi in 2009, as National Review reports. Elmi was said to be Omar’s brother based on a photo that identified him as an “uncle” to Omar’s child.

Critics have questioned whether Omar might have married Elmi to get him a green card, but Omar has denied doing so and dismissed allegations that Elmi is her brother. It is curious enough, though, that the FBI started investigating Omar’s marriage to Elmi in January, according to National Review.

The corruption continues

Another curious circumstance in Omar’s life is that she was engaged to another man, Ahmed Hirsi, from 2002 to 2008, and the pair reunited in 2012 and had two children, even though Omar was legally married to Elmi until 2017.

And that’s only Omar’s previous marriages. After finally marrying Hirsi in 2017, Omar reportedly began an affair with a staffer in 2018, divorced Hirsi in 2019, and then married the staffer, Tim Mynett, as ABC News reported.

What’s more, even before their marriage, Omar reportedly began funneling money from her campaign to Mynett’s consulting firm and now has paid $1.1 million to the company, according to the Star Tribune — which is almost like paying money to herself, since she is now married to Mynett.

The legality of Omar’s blatant campaign finance abuses may be in question, but the ethics of what she is doing stink to high heaven — and at this point, it seems her constituents may be willing at this point to say so with their votes.

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