IG report links Christopher Steele to Ivanka Trump

Throughout the last two years, ex-spy Christopher Steele has been portrayed as an agent motivated by his dislike of Donald Trump.

However, Steele told investigators that personal bias had nothing to do with it because he had a “personal” relationship with a Trump family member, who was later revealed by ABC News to be Ivanka Trump. 

Previous contact with Trump family

ABC News was the first to report about the Ivanka-Steele relationship, and liberal outlets could not wait to get this narrative out there as soon as possible.

The “casual relationship” Steele was referring to was a brief business relationship that occurred more than a decade ago. According to the report, Ivanka Trump was considering Steele’s company for some work overseas to help expand the company’s reach.

There were apparently several emails that were passed back and forth, and according to reports, they discussed meeting near Trump Tower over a decade ago.

Steele told investigators that “if anything he was ‘favorably disposed’ toward the Trump family before he began his research because he had visited a Trump family member at Trump Tower and ‘been friendly’ with [the family member] for some years.”

Is it relevant?

First off, if Steele says he was “favorably disposed” to Donald Trump, it would have been in his professional interests to turn down the job in the first place.

Secondly, everyone is simply assuming that Steele was telling the truth, something his record would absolutely put in doubt. His “relationship” with Ivanka, if there even was one, has nothing at all to do with how he felt about Donald Trump.

Even so, all of that is secondary to the actual work that was done here. Many of the claims in Steele’s dossier were uncorroborated, something that even former FBI director James Comey had admitted to.

What he and Democrats pulled from the report was its “essence,” that Trump was coordinating with Russians. But, we also found that not to be true either after special counsel Robert Mueller concluded his investigation into the matter.

The entire dossier amounts to be nothing more than barroom gossip and internet searches with information from outlets that most people do not even read, let alone consider to be reliable sources. Look no further than the recently-released IG report to see how many of the accusations in the report were never validated.

ABC’s report is nothing more than a way to try to create problems in the Trump inner circle as well as a way to justify the sham impeachment that is being conducted in front of the American people.

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