ICE offices in Texas attacked by gunfire

For months, Democrats in office have been portraying the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) as some type of Nazi regime that needs to be ended for the sake of our country.

Those words are what ICE officials believe were behind the gun attacks on ICE offices in San Antonio, Texas.

Scary Moments

During the early hours of Tuesday morning, someone started firing shots at an office building in which two floors are occupied by ICE.

Even though it was around 3 a.m., there were workers present in the office. Thankfully, the gunshots missed the staff, but only by inches.

Nevertheless, ICE officials are offering counseling services to the employees that were present.

Political Rhetoric to Blame

ICE officials are throwing the words of Democrats right back in their faces. After the recent mass shootings, Democrats were quick to blame Trump for the shootings.

As far as they were concerned, Trump’s statements about illegal immigrants encouraged the attacks, especially in El Paso.

Never mind the fact mass shootings have been happening in this country for decades as well as the fact mass shootings more than doubled during the Obama administration.

Several members of the progressive House “Squad,” as well as numerous high-profile Democrats, have called for the abolishment of ICE. Some have taken it even further, comparing ICE to the Nazis that exterminated millions of Jews.

Those words must have hit home with some liberals, because in addition to this attack, another ICE location in Texas was attacked, as well as ICE contractors in Broward County, Florida.

ICE officials pleaded with elected representatives to please stop the rhetoric before one of these attacks results in the assassination of a government employee.

The mainstream media is just as much to blame, publishing this same type of rhetoric and making it the focus of prime-time panel shows. If they are going to hold Trump responsible for his words, they must now step up and take the blame for attacks that were clearly motivated by their own rhetoric.

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