ICE arrests 33 with history of human rights violations

ICE needs to be able to do their job… period.

ICE recently led a raid to track down and arrest fugitives for their roles in human rights violations and they were able to bag almost three dozen of them.

Trump Had It Right

Individuals with known human rights violations that were undocumented immigrants have been reigning terror within our borders.

ICE launched a massive operation to bring them all down.

Last week, the agency started a three-day operation that ended up netting 33 fugitives.

Not surprisingly, most of them were caught in sanctuary cities.

Among the cities where these fugitives were apprehended were Philadelphia, PA, San Francisco, CA, Detroit, MI, and Chicago, IL.

Every one of the criminals already had an existing removal order in place, so Democrats cannot whine this was a politically motivated witch hunt on behalf of Trump.

Some of the crimes, in addition to the human rights violations, were: battery, weapons offenses, resisting arrest, and DWI.

Thomas D. Homan, Deputy Director of ICE stated, “This operation continues ICE’s work to ensure that the United States does not serve as a safe haven to those who commit human rights violations in their countries of origin.”

He continued, “We will continue to pursue these individuals as priorities for enforcement – using our agency’s unique authorities to investigate criminal activity and to enforce immigration laws.”

The Criminals

Just in case Democrats and liberals with a soft side say these were people just looking for an opportunity for a better life, here are some of the highlights of the fine individuals taken into custody:

Four people from China were apprehended that conducted forced sterilizations and abortions.

A Central American “guide” who led military to targeted villages for the sole purpose of exterminating its inhabitants.

A Middle Eastern intelligence officer who helped arrest individuals that were later tortured and murdered.

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An East African group leader who forced women to mutilate their genitals.

So, let see how the liberals try to spin this one.

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