‘I Stand For My Flag’ bumper stickers are popping up everywhere

The NFL season is nearly underway and patriots across the nation are already voicing their displeasure with the league.

Even as players knelt and put their fists up during the anthem during the first preseason games, more and more “I Stand For My Flag” bumper stickers are popping up all over the place.

NFL Backs Down

Initially, the NFL had passed a measure during the offseason that prevented players from using the anthem as a means for political protest.

As soon as the announcement was made, liberal pundits went after the league with cries of racism, fascism, and any other “-ism” you can think of.

Then, Jerry Jones put his two cents in.

While Jones was rather critical of the president’s involvement in the happenings of the NFL, he also stated his team would toe the line regarding the anthem, without exception.

As more criticism rained down on the league over the anthem policy, the league decided to walk back the anthem policy.

The pushback by fans was immediate.

Disrespectful Players

It took no longer than the first week of the preseason for players to start their protests.

One of the more notable names to take a seat was Marshawn Lynch of the Oakland Raiders.

While he refused to stand, other players were spotted kneeling and/or holding up fists in protest.

Perception IS Reality

Players continue to say that their protests have nothing at all to do with the military but, rather, the current administration.

What players don’t understand, though, is that perception is reality.

In this case, most fans have made it clear they perceive their protesting during the anthem as an insult the flag and the members of the military that defend that freedom.

If that is their perception, then that is their reality.

The NFL is coming off one of its worst seasons in modern history in terms of ratings.

Early ratings for the first preseason games were down from last year.

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These continued protests by players all but ensure the league will have an even worse year this season.

As long as players continue to protest, you can bet there will be more of these bumper stickers popping up.

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