Dr. Robert Epstein confirms he is ‘not suicidal’ after Hillary Clinton bashes his study

Psychologist Dr. Robert Epstein recently testified before Congress about Google’s potential for manipulating people’s “thoughts and behavior” — particularly during elections. Epstein noted that Google’s biased search results worked in favor of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election.

When Trump tweeted about it, and Hillary replied by attacking Epstein’s credibility, Dr. Epstein felt it wise to remind everyone he is NOT suicidal, just in case he gets a sudden case of Arkancide…

“Okay, this is sort of funny…. It’s been suggested that I remind people that I AM NOT SUICIDAL!!! I love my life, wife, 3 awesome sons, 2 awesome daughters, my research, etc. etc. Everyone got that???” he tweeted on Wednesday.

Manipulating Votes

In a 2017 study on bias in search rankings, Epstein wrote, “The lead author of the PNAS study [Epstein] predicted that a pro-Clinton bias in Google’s search results would, over time, shift at least 2.6 million votes to Clinton. She won the popular vote in the November election by 2,864,974 votes. Without the pro-Clinton bias in Google’s search results, her win margin in the popular vote would have been negligible.”

In his testimony before Congress this summer, he noted: “In 2016, biased search results generated by Google’s search algorithm likely impacted undecided voters in a way that gave at least 2.6 million votes to Hillary Clinton (whom I supported).”

Concerned for His Safety

If there is one place you don’t want to be, it is on the Clintons’ bad side.

Though he says he is a long-time Clinton supporter, Dr. Epstein has found himself there after President Trump drew attention to his conclusions.

When Hillary saw Trump’s tweet, she immediately fired back a nasty response…

Dr. Epstein responded in kind with a flurry of tweets defending his work…

Among his other tweets, Dr. Epstein noted that Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc., was a huge financial supporter of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. In fact, Alphabet was the biggest corporate donor to Clinton in 2016.

There were also several top Google programmers and technicians that went to work for the Clinton campaign during the 2016 election.

Clearly, Hillary had the connections and it was in Google’s best interest to have her elected.

Exchange Hillary’s name for Trump’s and replace Google with Russia, and we have national outrage.

Instead, nobody seems to mind one of the biggest tech companies in the world was deeply invested in Hillary winning and that search results are clearly still being manipulated today.

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