Kellyanne Conway’s husband wants President Trump impeached: Report

As expected, the husband of top Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway is going off over Robert Mueller’s report.

According to George Conway, there is more than enough evidence in the Mueller report to justify impeaching President Donald Trump — and he wants it done now.

Open to Interpretation

To make his argument, Conway is using what Mueller did not say just as much as what he did say.

Because Mueller stated that the investigation could not state definitely that “President Trump clearly did not commit obstruction of justice,” Conway says Trump should be treated as though he did. (So much for innocent until proven guilty.)

Conway further stated that it is not about whether Trump did something legally wrong as much as it is about the integrity of the office itself.

At hand here is the interpretation of actions taken by Trump: were they for the good of the administration and therefore the country, or were they for personal gain?

Here’s the evidence:

Trump could have ordered this investigation to end, but he did not.

Trump could have fired Robert Mueller, but he did not.

Trump could have not cooperated with Mueller, but he did on every front.

The Verdict Is In

From the onset of this investigation, President Trump took the stance that it was a witch hunt because he knew nobody on his team did anything wrong.

As such, he grew increasingly frustrated with the progress of the probe.

By all accounts, Trump expected the investigation to be wrapped up rather quickly.

As we now know, that did not happen because Mueller went off on several tangential investigations into other areas.

Those investigations led to indictments, but there never was an indictment of anyone associated with Trump for any wrongdoing related to Russian collusion.

But George Conway despises Trump and, like Democrats, will turn the narrative to suit his own cause.

That is clearly what he is doing here. His argument is nothing more than white noise, and should be treated as such.

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