Charlie Hurt says Nancy Pelosi knows impeachment is a ‘huge loser’ for Dems

House Democrats moved their impeachment inquiry from the basement of the Capitol out into the opem this week, but even that transition is unlikely to help make the “Schiff show” being run by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) any more appealing or successful in the eyes of many Americans.

In fact, Fox News contributor Charlie Hurt, who also serves as opinion editor for The Washington Times, warned on Fox & Friends Wednesday morning that the effort to remove President Donald Trump from office remained a “huge loser” politically for Democrats, something he says House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is well aware of.

Impeachment a “huge loser”

Hurt noted that up until the contrived controversy over Trump phone call with the president of Ukraine exploded in September, Pelosi had struggled mightily to keep her party in check with regard to the incessant clamoring from the base for impeachment, which he viewed as “the real indication that this is bad news for Democrats.”

“She did not want to go down this road,” Hurt said of Pelosi and her initial resistance to impeaching Trump, according to Fox.

He went on: “She realizes that this is a huge loser for Democrats, but her party went a different direction and she had to run over and kind of get back in front of them because she cares more about power than she does about principle.”

“Not at all what the founders intended”

The warning from Hurt on Wednesday morning now appears quite prescient, as it was obvious by later in the day that the first round of public hearings had indeed been a “huge loser” for Democrats in that neither any of the committee members nor their key witnesses could name a single specific crime or impeachable offense for which President Trump should be removed from office, according to Fox.

“You have these people who have taken the most powerful tool the legislative branch has — impeachment — and they’ve turned it into a political cudgel. Which is not at all what the founders intended,” Hurt said of the Democrats leading the effort.

He added: “And so when you hear Adam Schiff and Democrats use all these squirrelly words like quid pro quo, bribery, all these things — it’s all because they can’t specify exactly where Donald Trump broke any law or did anything particularly wrong.”

Trump takes notice

It would appear that Hurt’s commentary caught the ear of the subject at the heart of the whole thing: President Trump, who no doubt was in full agreement that the highly partisan effort to oust him from office would ultimately end up being a “huge loser” for his opposition.

Prior to the start of public hearings on Wednesday, Trump shared Hurt’s take on impeachment in a three-part thread of tweets.

Though the president didn’t actually watch the hearing as it took place — he instead worked in the White House and held a meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan — he was nevertheless quite busy throughout the rest of the day retweeting commentary and video clips from others about the dismal spectacle that had unfolded.

Democrats have failed thus far in their effort to provide convincing evidence that President Trump has done anything wrong, much less something worthy of impeachment, and unless that miraculously changes for them in future hearings — an unlikely outcome, given how this whole thing began — Democrats will likely rue the day they decided to launch this political “loser” of an effort.

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