Abby Huntsman leaving ‘The View’ to join father’s gubernatorial campaign

Abby Huntsman of ABC’s The View announced on Monday that she is leaving her co-hosting role on the daytime talk show. 

Huntsman’s departure leaves co-host Meghan McCain as the only “conservative” voice on the program. Huntsman has been a panelist the show since September of 2018.

Rumors are swirling that it won’t be long until Meghan McCain will be out as well, due to her turbulent relationships with colleagues on the show.

Family affair

Huntsman’s official reason for leaving is to help her father in his campaign to become governor of Utah. Huntsman also, understandably, wants to spend more time with her family.

The television personality’s father, Jon Huntsman, announced his bid for a third term as governor of Utah in November. He served two terms ten years ago and has since served as ambassador to Russia as well.

Abby Huntsman will be taking a position as a senior adviser in the campaign. On the subject of how she was going to contribute to the campaign, Huntsman said, “I told my dad, if The View taught me anything, it taught me how to fight.”

Huntsman’s departure from the ABC program seems to be amicable. She said after explaining her reasons for leaving that, “You know I think the world of all of you… ABC will always hold a special place in my heart, and so will all of you.”

Bastion of liberalism

With Huntsman’s departure, co-host Meghan McCain is the last supposedly right-leaning voice remaining on the show. However, although she is billed as a conservative, McCain has become well known for her opposition to President Trump.

The feud began after a conflict between Trump and Meghan’s late father, Sen. John McCain, arose during the 2016 election.

President Trump is not the type to tread lightly or hold back. He was far from forgiving of John McCain’s weak policy positions, and the McCains have been staunch opponents of the president ever since.

John McCain took a centrist stance on innumerable issues and often joined the left in their attacks on Trump.  Considering the McCain family history, Meghan McCain’s presence on The View isn’t much evidence for its claimed bipartisanship.

The View is well known for its leftist politics, and the echo chamber only grows worse with Huntsman’s departure.

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