Fox News host Abby Huntsman breaks down in teary farewell

This weekend marked the last appearance of Abby Huntsman on Fox & Friends.

During her last segment on Fox News, with tears in her eyes, Huntsman stated, “The last three years have been the most transformative of my life. I have given my heart and soul to this place.”

Long Run

Huntsman has been one of the more popular hosts on the weekend edition of Fox & Friends.

During her last show, the collage of her different segments was clearly making her emotional as reality started to set in.

Clearly, Huntsman thinks of her coworkers more like family and leaving for The View will present an entirely different setting.

Just as Huntsman was sad to go, the network was sad to see one of its more popular hosts move on.

The Future

Huntsman’s move is a curious one, as she is leaving to join The View, a show that is despised by most conservatives.

Currently, there is only one conservative on the show’s panel, and that is Meghan McCain.

Trump’s feud with her father has more or less made her anti-Trump as well.

The members of the panel regularly criticize Trump with virtually no one to check them.

During Trump’s presidency, Fox & Friends has been rather kind to the President.

Now, Huntsman will be going from a friendly environment to constantly being under attack by her co-hosts.

Another curiosity is in how the addition of Huntsman will impact viewership of The View.

Conservatives, for the most part, have avoided this show altogether.

The only time they tune in is when the show books high-profile conservatives, and that is only to see the inevitable fireworks, such as the episode when Judge Jeanine was on.

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While daily episodes like that would be much more appealing to conservatives, it is unlikely the network would be able to keep a panel with so much friction together for very long.

More than likely, what we will see is a watered-down conservative that is afraid to voice her opinion for fear of the wrath of Whoopi and Joy Behar.

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