Hunter tagged along on Joe Biden's overseas trips to at least 15 different countries

August 26, 2023
Jen Krausz

A new report from Fox News said that Hunter Biden flew on Air Force Two with his father to at least 13 foreign countries, though host Jesse Watters said it was at least 15 and that Hunter often took the back steps on and off Air Force Two to avoid being seen.

Secret Service records show that Hunter Biden requested protection for himself in Egypt, South Africa, and Kenya on the same dates his father traveled there in 2010.

He was seen in 2013 riding in a Japanese limousine with his parents and then in their limousine in Germany as well.

Joe Biden a liar

The report said that Hunter suggested business proposals on some of these trips, which if true, makes President Joe Biden a liar for saying he was never involved in or never talked to Hunter about his overseas business dealings.

Biden's current contention is that he was never "in business" with Hunter, as per press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who insists that his "story has not changed" even though it has changed radically.

Never talking to Hunter or being involved in his business dealings is a far cry from not being "in business" with him.

The House Oversight Committee could probably argue with even Jean-Pierre's latest statement, since the Biden family apparently owns over 20 shell companies that get foreign payouts even though they offer no goods or services (at least not publicly).

Huge coincidence?

It would be a huge coincidence that Hunter Biden set up business deals with foreign companies while flying on his dad's official airplane without his dad knowing anything about them, particularly given Hunter's lack of expertise in any of the areas the business dealt with.

It's not like Hunter was 22 when all of these trips took place--he was in his 40s and 50s. Not exactly of an age to be flying around the world with Dad just for the fun of it.

Of course, wrongdoing has to be proven, but it's not difficult to see what was going on by looking at reports like these.

Watters was convinced--he declared while talking about the report that "Joe Biden can no longer claim he wasn't in business with his son."

Wonder how Biden will spin the story next, and when the media will stop believing anything he or the White House says?

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