Hunter Biden could be indicted for dozens of apparent violations of Foreign Agents Registration Act

Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, has reportedly been under federal investigation since 2018 for alleged crimes related to his dubious foreign business dealings, and recent reports indicate that actual criminal indictments could soon be forthcoming.

According to author and New York Post columnist Miranda Devine, the potential indictments for Hunter Biden could include charges for more than two dozen alleged violations of the federal Foreign Agents Registration Act, or FARA, that largely took place while his father served as vice president, Fox News reported.

Indeed, based on evidence obtained from Hunter’s abandoned laptop, which Devine has written about extensively, it seems clearly apparent that Hunter peddled his father’s political influence to earn a profit with foreign businesses and individuals and, in return, unofficially represented those foreign interests to the U.S. government without having registered as a foreign lobbyist as required by federal law.

“Influence peddling” and “FARA violations”

During an appearance Monday on “Fox & Friends,” network contributor Devine said, “At least two dozen potential FARA violations are evident from the laptop.”

“Hunter Biden and his uncle Jim Biden were influence peddling using Joe Biden’s name when he was vice president to extract millions of dollars from various Russian oligarchs and Chinese state-owned enterprises,” she continued. “And then there’s the fact that we that know from leaks, certainly previously, from a grand jury in Delaware that’s been operating since 2018 that they were looking at FARA violations.”

“The only flip side of that is that FARA violations have been not very well-used at all, even though the law has been in place since 1938, to prevent Americans lobbying on behalf of foreign governments,” Devine said. “But it’s really, in recent times, only been applied against Republicans and particularly Trumpworld people. We know that Trumpworld Republicans have had search warrants executed on their homes, and that has not happened to Hunter Biden.”

Devine went on to say in the interview that the lack of evident action thus far from the U.S. Attorney in Delaware could be a good sign that a thorough investigation was being conducted, but acknowledged the “more cynical view” that the federal prosecutors were “slow-walking” the probe until after the midterm elections in order to protect President Biden and his fellow Democrats.

“There is so much evidence on the laptop of both tax evasion as well as FARA violations, and it’s obvious that Hunter Biden lied on his gun background check and there is some suggestion that the grand jury is looking into that,” she said. “But I guess we can only wait, but it has to be politically sensitive at the moment with the midterms coming.”

Could face indictment over violations of gun and tax laws, FARA requirements

CNN reported last week that, according to unnamed sources “briefed on the matter,” the federal investigation into Hunter Biden had reached a “critical juncture” involving likely impending criminal indictments and the “politically sensitive” timing of the approaching election.

That probe, which began in 2018 and was initially focused on alleged tax law violations related to his foreign business dealings, was later broadened to also investigate alleged money laundering, campaign finance violations, lobbying violations, and violations of federal firearms laws and has reportedly “intensified” in recent months but also been narrowed to focus largely on the gun and tax crimes.

The New York Post, however, reported that its own review of Hunter’s laptop revealed dozens of apparent FARA violations — each of which could result in up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine — and more than a few of those violations seem to clearly implicate Hunter’s uncle Jim and father Joe in potential wrongdoing.

Further, Devine is not alone in her “cynical” view that Biden could dodge serious accountability due to his political affiliation, as Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), who has also investigated Hunter from his Senate seat, told the Post, “I have always been suspicious that the criminal investigation of Hunter Biden is another example of the unequal application of justice, with Democrats and their elite allies getting kid-glove treatment. My concern is that DOJ will indict Hunter on watered-down charges, and then enter into a plea agreement that includes sealing the records on the case. That would be a travesty, because it would deny the American people of knowing the truth and full extent of Biden family corruption.”

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