Report: Hunter Biden hiding out at White House to avoid being served with legal papers in Arkansas paternity suit

April 25, 2023
Ben Marquis

Observers have noticed that Hunter Biden in recent months has been spending an abundant amount of time with his father, President Joe Biden, including at the White House, on weekend vacations, and even on trips to foreign nations.

One theory that has emerged for that development is that Hunter is essentially hiding out at the White House to avoid being served with papers in the ongoing paternity suit in an Arkansas court, Miranda Devine of the New York Post reported.

That suit was seemingly settled in 2020 when a DNA test proved he was the father of a little girl born in 2018 and he was ordered to pay child support, but has since been reopened when Biden filed a motion last year to try and reduce his monthly payments to the child's mother.

Request for jail time for non-compliance with court-ordered discovery

It was just on Friday that attorneys for Lunden Roberts, the mother of the child, filed a motion that sought Hunter Biden's incarceration in a county jail for failing to comply with court-ordered discovery in regard to his personal financial situation.

The motion filed in the court of Independence County Circuit Judge Holly Meyer made reference to a protective order she had issued in February that would seal from the public all of Biden's financial information in the hope that such an order would incentivize his swift compliance with discovery.

According to Roberts' attorneys, however, now two months after that protective order was issued, Biden "has provided no additional discovery -- not so much as one single item or word -- and has failed to supplement his answers at the court’s directive."

The attorneys asserted that there was "no valid excuse or justification" for Biden's failure to comply, that he was "playing games" with the court, and that his actions constituted a "willful and flagrant violation" of the court's orders.

As such, "This court should incarcerate the defendant in the Cleburne County Detention Center until he complies with this court’s orders," or at the very least impose sanctions on him to force compliance.

Hiding out at the White House?

According to the Post's Devine, the motion from Roberts in the paternity suit seemingly supports rumors that have been swirling around Washington D.C. that Hunter Biden, along with wife Melissa Cohen and son Beau, have taken up residence at the White House to avoid being served with legal papers in the ongoing litigation.

It was noted that Hunter and his family have been spotted numerous times over the past several months "trailing his father and the first lady onto Marine One for weekends away to Delaware or Camp David, or for longer vacations at the borrowed homes of billionaires," as well as on President Joe Biden's recent trip to Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Further lending credence to the rumor is the observation of "an elaborate swing set suitable for a toddler" on the White House grounds that was first noticed last year.

Devine noted that it would be all but impossible for a process server to get close enough to Hunter Biden to deliver legal documents to him, given the contingent of Secret Service agents that protect his father and him at all times, particularly while at the White House.

Biden ordered to appear in person in Arkansas court

Meanwhile, following the filing of that motion by Roberts' attorneys on Friday, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported that Judge Meyer held a Zoom hearing on Monday and, though she didn't address the request to incarcerate Biden for his apparent failure to comply with her ordered discovery, she did express her frustration with the delays and inability of his attorney to answer basic questions and ordered Biden to appear in person for future hearings.

"From now on ... I want both of your clients at every hearing I conduct," the judge told the attorneys for both sides. "I will no longer allow us to excuse clients ... because it is interfering with the progress of litigation, which is taking way too long to get over simple points."

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