Hunter Biden 2014 email on Ukraine that ‘reads like a classified document’ looks to be ‘incredibly suspicious’

There has been speculation over the past few weeks about a possible connection between President Joe Biden’s developing classified documents scandal and his son Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop that could potentially result in real and serious trouble for the Biden family.

That link may have just been found by way of an odd and “incredibly suspicious” email on Hunter’s laptop to a business partner which strongly suggests that he may have had access to classified information “not readily available” to the general public, the Daily Wire reported.

A question of access and timing

The big revelation came last week from New York Post reporter Miranda Devine, who wrote a book about Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop and is quite familiar with its contents — particularly his many emails to and from business partners and associates about his many dubious domestic and foreign business dealings.

Devine first laid out some pertinent basic known facts about President Biden’s developing classified documents scandal, including that such materials were inappropriately stored at a former Washington D.C. office as well as at the president’s private residence in Wilmington, Delaware.

Per an initial report from CNN about those documents, at least some of them were said to pertain to information about Iran, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom, and were dated between 2013 through 2016 — a period of time when Joe Biden was vice president and his son was engaged in “the most frenetic influence-peddling activity overseas,” including in Ukraine.

Hunter email “reads like a classified document”

One email in particular highlighted by Devine was sent by Hunter Biden to then-partner Devon Archer in April 2014 about Ukraine, roughly one week prior to then-VP Biden traveling to that nation and about a month prior to both Archer and Hunter being hired by Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings to sit on the board and do very little for quite lucrative salaries.

That message was “an uncharacteristically lengthy email, listing 22 points about Ukraine’s political situation” that contained highly detailed information about Ukraine and Russia and the European Union and possible U.S. economic sanctions, among other things.

“It’s a prescient and very well-informed email, unlike anything else Hunter wrote in the nine years covered in the laptop, and it has the distinct flavor of an official briefing, perhaps even a classified one,” Devine wrote.

Devine later appeared on Fox News to discuss her article with host Tucker Carlson and reiterated that the email was substantially different from any other ever sent by Hunter, in terms of its length and detail, and surmised, “It reads like a classified document. There’s information in there that’s not readily available.”

“It looks incredibly suspicious”

Devine’s article in the Post was also picked up on by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), who has also been investigating Hunter Biden’s laptop and business dealings, and he seemed inclined to believe the highlighted email from Hunter to Archer about Ukraine may have been based on classified materials that the son potentially gained unauthorized access to through his vice presidential father.

In an interview with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, Johnson said the email read like a “scene-setter” report issued by the State Department for traveling officials and noted the coincidental timing of the message in terms of VP Biden’s travel to Ukraine and Hunter’s gaining a seat on the Burisma board.

“It’s obvious that Hunter Biden is selling access to information,” Johnson said. “And does that have anything to do with some of the classified documents that Vice President Biden was squirreling away in his residence? I don’t know. But it looks incredibly suspicious.”

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