Hunter Biden’s new wife still lived with prior boyfriend weeks before surprise wedding

New details are emerging about the sudden marriage of Hunter Biden, the son of former vice president and 2020 hopeful Joe Biden.

It has now been revealed that Biden’s new wife, Melissa Cohen, was living with her boyfriend of two years until just weeks before marrying Hunter, whom she only had known for 10 days.

Amicable transition

Before becoming involved with Hunter, the 32-year-old Cohen, an activist from South Africa, was in a long-term relationship with Rob Mendez, a real estate developer. The two were together from July 2017 until April of this year, when they decided to call it quits.

According to Mendez, they split because “marriage and kids were in her future, but for me they just aren’t.” This is probably because he already has three kids of his own, ages 10, 11, and 13.

Despite the breakup, Mendez has nothing but good things to say about Cohen, calling what he had with her “a very, very good relationship — the best I’ve ever had.”

The marriage

Still, those close to Mendez say that the May 16 wedding between Hunter and Cohen came as a surprise.

“She just broke up with Rob,” one friend is reported to have said. “So, I’m quite shocked by this being so sudden after their breakup,” said another.

It is all the more surprising considering that despite breaking up Cohen and Mendez continued to “hang out” well into May, which would have been just weeks — maybe less — before the wedding.

Mendez and his friends are not the only ones to whom the marriage appears to have come as a surprise. It seems that both Cohen’s and Biden’s families were also left in the dark, as neither attended the ceremony.


Such fast-paced action on a serious relationship might look a bit strange to most. But for Hunter Biden, it has become the norm.

Hunter was at one time, not long ago, married to now ex-wife Kathleen in a union which lasted 23 years. But then, in 2017, he left Kathleen for Hallie, the widow of his deceased brother Beau.

He remained with Hallie for two years before calling it quits this April, soon after his father announced his bid for the presidency. And, once again, it clearly didn’t take Hunter long to move on to new bride Cohen.

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