Hunter Biden agrees to paternity test, potentially jeopardizing father’s campaign

Several weeks ago, Arkansas woman claimed that she’d had a love child with Hunter Biden. The son of the former vice president denied it, but faced a lot of pressure to prove it one way or another.

Now that Hunter Biden has agreed to take a paternity test, the future of his father’s campaign could hang on its results, Fox News reports.

The Affair

Did Hunter Biden really have an affair with a woman that was 20 years his junior?

According to Lunden Alexis Roberts, who is 28, they not only had an affair, but she also got pregnant, and Hunter Biden privately admitted to her that the child was his.

Hunter Biden, 49, has publicly denied that he fathered Roberts’ baby, and he has now agreed to take a paternity test, which must be completed by Nov. 1.

Roberts claims she met Biden when she was doing graduate work at George Washington University.

Sorry, Dad

Joe Biden has bailed Hunter Biden out too many times to count. This time, though, Hunter’s exploits could very well cost the former VP any chance he has left of winning the Democratic primary.

It is not the affair so much as it is Joe Biden’s holier-than-thou attitude. The man regularly says President Donald Trump is a threat to the moral fabric of this country, but he has a drug-addicted, alcoholic, lying, cheating son whom he fails to hold accountable for his own actions.

Quite the contrary, actually; Joe Biden seems to continually facilitate the behavior by exploiting his contacts to help Hunter.

Look no further than Hunter’s board position at Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings and the magical billion-dollar investment Hunter received from Chinese investment bankers due to his father’s influence.

This is all very bad news for a Biden campaign that is already struggling mightily.

While once considered the overwhelming favorite, Joe Biden is now sitting behind Elizabeth Warren in most polls and is starting to be threatened by an emerging Pete Buttigieg and a revived Bernie Sanders. And Hunter’s antics aren’t helping.

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