Report: Hunter Biden never visited Ukraine prior to Burisma job offer

New records released this week by the U.S. Secret Service show that Hunter Biden, son of the Democrats’ presumptive presidential nominee, never visited Ukraine prior to his appointment to the board of Burisma Holdings, as Judicial Watch reported.

The company is one of Ukraine’s largest energy firms, and the younger Biden’s lucrative connection to it has been the source of speculation and criticism from a number of Republican rivals.

In revealing that he never visited the country before he was hired, the report appears to support the theory that Hunter Biden was brought into the company despite a lack of qualifications.

Suspicious timing

Critics including President Donald Trump have suggested the scenario appears to be an effort by Burisma to gain access to Biden’s father, who was then vice president in the Obama administration.

Not only did Hunter Biden not visit Ukraine prior to his position, but records show he also never traveled there even while working for Burisma, according to Reuters. He did have an extensive travel itinerary while his father served as vice president, however, including “at least 5 trips to China, which will raise additional questions,” according to Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

Burisma had been under investigation Ukraine’s top prosecutor, Viktor Shokin. He was subsequently removed from the position, however, and the probe ended, leading to allegations that Joe Biden might have had undue influence over the decision.

A Ukrainian court opened an investigation into the precise details surrounding the vice president’s involvement in Shokin’s dismissal. The results of that probe could fill in some of the details that are still missing.

“I’d 100% debate him”

As it stands, though, the timeline strikes many as suspicious.

Hunter Biden was hired by Burisma just weeks after his father had been appointed to oversee relations between the U.S. and Ukraine.

While Trump’s own adult children have faced accusations that they have profited from their father’s election in 2016, Donald Trump Jr. addressed the concerns by issuing a challenge to Hunter Biden.

“I’d 100% debate him,” the younger Trump said during an interview in March, according to The Hill. “Let’s talk about who profited off of whose public service. Happy to do it. Let’s make it happen.”

With Election Day quickly approaching, many Americans believe it is past time for Joe Biden to address the hints of scandal that continue to swirl around his family and campaign.

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