Chuck Schumer: Hunter Biden’s testimony would be ‘distraction’ in Senate trial

As impeachment nears its inevitable collapse in the Senate, minority leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is already moving to try and prevent Hunter Biden and others from testifying, Breitbart reports.

Democrats are running from the idea of actual witness testimony, because it’s all about damage control at this point.

So much to lose

Democrats have so much to lose if Republicans call the right people to testify. Democrats ran wild in the House and now expect Republicans to work with them in the Senate.

Sen. Schumer recently requested the appearance of four people who were involved in the Ukraine controversy.

However, in a Monday appearance on CNN’s New Day, Schumer said that Hunter Biden, son of Democrat presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden and essential player in the Trump-Ukraine-Biden narrative would only be a “distraction.”

Schumer has the opinion that only fact witnesses should be allowed to testify in the Senate. The problem is that Democrats had no problem calling any and everyone to testify in the House, regardless of their knowledge of what occurred. Schumer said:

No one, not a single person I’ve heard, even those who want Hunter Biden, have even alleged that he has knowledge of the fact-case the House is presenting. This shouldn’t be for Democrats to bring in there favorite conspiracy theories and Republicans to bring in theres. This is an august and solemn proceeding.

Democrats ran roughshod over Republicans during the House impeachment inquiry, and now they expect Senate Republicans to play by their own narrow set of arbitrary rules.

Ultimately, what it all comes down to is protecting Democrat interests. The careers of many are hanging in the balance, and the party’s political future is at stake. Of course they don’t want Hunter Biden to testify, because then the actual truth might come out.

Heads could roll

Democrats like Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and those who supported him could all face consequences if the Senate exposes their work in the House.

The partisanship and secrecy around impeachment was unprecedented, and the behavior of Schiff was particularly egregious.

His “parody” reading of a transcript of the call between President Trump and the president of Ukraine was the moment that made it clear that a political agenda would rule the impeachment process.

Democrats ignored a complete and total lack of evidence to impeach President Trump. Schiff himself admitted impeachment was about preventing Trump from winning in 2020. Democrats weaponized this process to serve a political agenda, and now that impeachment is moving to the Senate, the tables are beginning to turn.

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