Report: Hunter Biden tried to use political ties to land UCLA teaching job

Amid all the problems Hunter Biden has created for his father, one would think he would keep a low profile.

The Daily Caller News Foundation has unearthed new evidence that the younger Biden was throwing around his father’s name and that of other political contacts in an effort to get a job at UCLA in 2019.

More of the same

Hunter has reportedly made millions off his father’s contacts but when he was in court for child support recently, he complained that he was dead broke.

His definition of broke, however, seemed a bit skewed, because the Washington Examiner reported that Hunter was driving around in a $129,000 Porsche as well as living in a home that cost about $12,000 per month in rent.

In addition to all of this, he has apparently been tossing around the names of high-profile politicians recently to land a UCLA Law School teaching job.

Name dropping

The Daily Caller report stated that Biden was eventually turned down because he did not supply all of the information the school had requested from him

This is pure speculation, but could it possibly have been that Hunter once again thought his name and his father’s contacts would have been enough to get him in the door?

A UCLA spokesperson told the Daily Caller, “In 2019, Hunter Biden inquired about the possibility of teaching a course at UCLA School of Law, and he and school leaders held preliminary conversations about the possibility.”

“Mr. Biden subsequently did not submit further materials for the proposed course, which is a required step when the school is considering adding a course. There are no plans for Mr. Biden to teach at the law school.”

In Hunter’s initial proposal, he told UCLA he would like to focus on domestic and international drug policy, and “have some combination of key decision-makers, leading thinkers, policy implementers, and grassroots advocates as guests for each topic.”

Joe Biden himself may have been in on the scheme, because he told reporters in October 2019 that Hunter would “be teaching at law school next year.”

Regardless, Hunter Biden seems to have given up on the idea of teaching … lately, he says he’s been spending his time painting.

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