Author Peter Schweizer accuses Hunter Biden of political corruption

Over the last week, all we have heard about is how Donald Trump needs to be impeached for asking the Ukrainian president to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden.

Author Peter Schweizer charged Hunter Biden with corruption and selling access to the Obama administration.

The Hunter Biden Scandal

While Dems make this all about Trump, the fact is there are a LOT of questions that need to be answered regarding Hunter Biden and Burisma Holdings.

How did a young man with virtually no experience make such high-profile contacts in Ukraine to secure a deal worth more than a billion dollars?

How did Hunter Biden get a job on the board of a natural gas company, again, with no experience and no previous business dealings with the company?

Why was Hunter Biden flying with his father on Air Force 2 during an official visit with people he would later be doing business with?

Forget the fact that Joe Biden held up a massive amount of money on the basis of an investigation into Burisma, but look at the fact it very much appears that Joe Biden was making the introductions for Hunter to be successful.

Selling Access

At the time, the corruption in Ukraine was legendary. Significant members of the leadership were under investigation, including the Minister of Natural Resources, the very man Biden had the prosecutor fired over.

The economy was also in a state of collapse and the vultures swarmed in to take advantage, including Hunter Biden and his company, Rosemont Seneca Partners.

Schweizer stated, “These are very bad and dirty guys and Hunter Biden signs up and based on financial records… he kept that job from 2014 up until earlier this year. So [Hunter Biden] basically took in about $3 million for a job that he had no background in and he was selling something. It was not his expertise.”

“I think he was selling access and I think that he was selling the prospect that he was going to be helpful to the Ukrainians in the Obama administration.”

Democrats say Trump’s comments to the new Ukrainian president are out of line, but they are very much justified in this case to explore the possibility of corruption within our own government. It is not Trump’s fault Biden happens to be the subject to this investigation as well as his political opponent.

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