Hunter Biden met with Trump impeachment lawyers in 2019

August 23, 2023
Jen Krausz

According to a Politico story reported on the X platform, Hunter Biden spent a whole day in 2019 meeting with impeachment lawyers during the first impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump.

The meeting became known during the investigation into Hunter Biden's tax situation and overseas business dealings because Biden told tax investigators that he couldn't meet with them on January 27, 2020 because he would be meeting with impeachment lawyers "for the day."

Miranda Devine brought this fact to light in a tweet on X (why do we still call them tweets?).

What we don't know

No other information about the meeting was given, so we don't know why Biden was meeting with lawyers trying to impeach Trump, what they wanted to know, or whether the meeting ultimately helped or hurt Trump.

Based on the phone call over which Trump was impeached, it's possible that the lawyers wanted answers about why Trump would think there was corruption going on that involved Hunter Biden and his father, who was then running to be the Democrat nominee for president.

It would make sense that some in the Senate would want to know exactly what happened with the firing of Viktor Shokin and whether it had anything to do with Hunter Biden's Burisma involvement.

It would also make sense that they would want to know whether Trump's corruption allegations had any merit, although we now know a lot more than we used to about Biden family corruption.

While it is big news that Hunter Biden was involved in Trump's first impeachment, it's really not all that surprising given the contents of the phone call Trump made.

Nothing fair

The evidence that has come out about Biden family members getting payouts from foreign operatives, including bank records and shell companies, far surpasses what Democrats tried to accuse Trump of, but Republicans are not yet ready to back impeachment for Biden.

Even if they have him dead to rights, Democrats won't vote to impeach him, so it would be a purely symbolic exercise.

If the bribery accused by whistleblowers is true, however, they can hardly just let it go.

Meanwhile, the investigation continues to discover more proof that the Bidens took millions for possible political favors.

There's nothing fair about the situation, and many Republicans are getting increasingly angry about it.

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